Clenergy was founded in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia with a manufacturing HQ in Xiamen China. A solution provider to the renewables & building industry. They specialise in the development, manufacturing, and engineering of solar mounting & cable management gear for PV projects. 

PV-ezRack® Clenergy offers a wide range of solar mounting gear for all kinds of solar installations, including residential, industrial & commercial and utility scale projects. Through field research, external stakeholder feedback and innovative concenpts from our R&D team, we are able to create versatile solar racking equipment. With industry experts from China, Australia, Japan and other countries, Clenergy is able to respond to global demand and market trends. We also have the ability to customise mounting solutions to meet a client's specific requirements in a timely manner. We ship solar mounting structures worldwide and work through a network of strategic partners, distributors and agents.

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Risen Energy is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of photovoltaic modules. The company offers panels such as HJT photovoltaic modules and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules. The company has operations in Australia, China, Germany, India, Mexico and Japan. Risen Energy is headquartered in Ningbo City, Zhejiang, China.


Jinko Solar is one of the most famous and innovative solar technology companies in the world. Its business covers the basic links of the photovoltaic industry chain, focusing on the research and development of integrated photovoltaic products and integrated clean energy solutions. Currently, Jinko Solar's products serve more than 3,000 customers in more than 160 countries and regions around the world, and the company ranked No. 1 in global module shipments from 2016 to 2019. By the end of March 2022, cumulative shipments of Jinko Solar modules exceeded 100 GW.

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THuawei offers leading-edge intelligent photovoltaic solutions, leveraging over 30 years of experience in digital information technology. By integrating AI and Cloud, Huawei further incorporates many latest ICT technologies with PV for optimal power generation, thus making the solar plant highly efficient, safe and reliable with Smart O&M and Grid Support capabilities, and builds the foundation for solar energy to become the main source of energy.

For solar energy users, Huawei launched an advanced solution for C&I and residential customers based on the concept of "Optimal Electricity Cost and Active Safety". By improving the use of solar energy, Huawei has helped power millions of people and hundreds of industries globally. Huawei will continue to innovate and enable renewable energy to empower every individual, home and organization.

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