Flat Roof ComT

Tilt Mounting System for PV Installation on Commercial Tin Roof

Built to Last

The Clenergy PV-ezRack ComT is a universal and fast mounting system for PV installation on all common commercial tin roofs. With its flexible and scalable design, it enables perfect utilisation of roof surface available.Available Tilt Angles

  • 10°
  • 15°

Image Courtesy: GB Electrical & Solar


With the ComT system the PV panels can generate their maximum output.

It is a universal and fast mounting system for PV installation for all common commercial tin roofs, and one can do so using the Clenergy universal klip-lok clamp.


Quick and Easy Installation

Pre-assembled legs enable easy and fast installation | Patented Z-Module, the legs can easily click into the slot of rails at any given point.

Universal Kliplok Clamps

The adjustable clamps can mount PV panels that range from 30 to 46 mm (height) | Frameless clamps > Clenergy ComT can mount every size of frame-less or thin film panels.

Optimised Energy Output

Legs can mount PV panels with width up to 1046mm, such as 72-cell or new half-cut cell panels | 3 x Tilt angles

Two Optional Solutions

The solution using MT Rail in conjunction with T-Rails and Legs is specially developed for tin roofs with a large purlin span of up to 2m. And the other one using our popular L-feet, ECO Rails and new Legs offers flexible height adjustable range.



Front Leg Assembly, 10°
Rear Leg Assembly, 10
Rail Clamp for T-Rail
MT-Rail Support
ECO Rail
T50 Rail
T110 Rail
Tin Interface
Tin Interface with Click Module
Tin Interface A with ezClick
Tin Interface with Curved Base
Adapter (Puck)

About Clenergy

Clenergy was founded in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia with a manufacturing HQ in Xiamen China. A solution provider to the renewables & building industry. They specialise in the development, manufacturing, and engineering of solar mounting & cable management gear for PV projects.  

PV-ezRack® Clenergy

PV-ezRack® Clenergy offers a wide range of solar mounting gear for all kinds of solar installations, including residential, industrial & commercial and utility scale projects. Through field research, external stakeholder feedback and innovative concenpts from our R&D team, we are able to create versatile solar racking equipment. With industry experts from China, Australia, Japan and other countries, Clenergy is able to respond to global demand and market trends.

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