The Benefits of Outfitting Your C&I Rooftop PV Projects with High Quality Equipment


Rooftop C&I Photovoltaic projects are becoming more and more popular due to their low maintenance cost, environmental benefits and attractive returns on investment. Thanks to the rise of innovative renewable energy technologies and progressive environmental regulations, the rooftop PV market is exploding worldwide.

In order for rooftop PV projects to be completed with optimum results, high-quality components are essential. From wiring and cables to inverters, modules and mounting systems, having superior quality equipment leads to better system performance, higher energy output, and improved longevity.

To show the true potential of outfitting a C&I rooftop PV project with high quality components, let's look at some of the most successful projects that have been completed in the last few of months.

The first one is a 2.7 MW system located in Ilfov, Romania, that was constructed for Doraly Expo Market. This system was created with Clenergy mounting systems to ensure the safety, reliability and durability of the system – key aspects any solar project needs to worry about. Thanks to the high quality of the mounting systems, the solar installation could be completed within a short period of time, which helped reduce their losses.

The Ialomita system, also located in Romania, is a more impressive 3MW system built for a recycling factory in that county. For this particular project, GEMINOX supplied Clenergy mounting systems, Huawei inverters and Risen Energy PV modules for a more complete solar solution. The combination between the ultra reliable components and the cutting edge solar technology allowed them to reach the maximum efficiency expected for such project.

Finally, located in Cluj, Romania, there is a 920KW system created for another factory. For it, GEMINOX supplied Clenergy mounting systems and assembled it with Jinko PV modules and Huawei inverters. Thanks to the perfect match between components, the installation executed was cheaper and more efficient than originally projected.

These are only a few examples of C&I rooftop PV systems powered with top of the line components and high quality equipment such as those supplied by GEMINOX. The amount of these projects is increasing dramatically and they continue to prove that quality and efficiency can go hand in hand, allowing companies to benefit greatly from their investments in solar power.