en-Introducing the Clenergy PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0


GEMINOX is excited to announce the availability of a new product by CLENERGY: PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0 solar parking solution. 

PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0 is designed to provide solar panel support as well as car sheltering for residential and commercial projects. The high quality aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners ensure a robust and reliable system. With the exquisite structure design, the waterproof function is available without using a large amount of EPDM rubbers. 

PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0 is a freestanding shade structure that can be used for a variety of applications such as: 

  • Pergola's
  • Carport's
  • Swimming pool shade's
  • Bus stand shade etc

One can also affix an inverter, battery and EV charge outlet to the side beams to make it a complete charge station.

Clenergy PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0 is now in stock in our warehouse. There are 2 models available, one for 2 cars and another one for 4 cars. Contact us today to learn more!


Easy Installation

Thanks to the innovative structural design, the system can be installed with less steps in a short time 


With the new structural design, the PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0 is totally waterproof after real testing in rainy day.

Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Manufactured from high quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, PV-ezRack® ezShade 2.0 offers reliable and durable solution.




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