en-Repairing Bending PV Modules with Ascent XL


Ascent XL has been designed to provide a fast and easy solution to the problem of PV module bending. This mounting system is compatible with large panels, and it can also be attached to existing installations to fix the bending of the module. 

A study case was conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of Ascent XL in fixing the bending problem. 

A 6MW photovoltaic system was installed in Cluj, Romania, using K2 mounting system. After a few months of operation the PV modules started to bend. This was because of the module large size and the high pressure of the wind and snow. 

To solve this issue, Geminox and Clenergy designed a customized solution to fix the bending. The solution was to install the ASCENT XL. This system is suitable for PV modules up to 2279x1134mm, with a height from 30mm to 46mm. 

The ASCENT XL system is highly compatible, as it is able to adapt to big panels with a length up to 2279mm. It also bears high snow load, up to 2.5KN/m2, and is easy to attach on the panel of the already installed mounting system. 

The installation of the ASCENT XL system solved the problem of the PV modules bending, and the system is now running smoothly. The system is also more reliable, due to the improved stability of the PV modules.

The ASCENT XL solution proved to be the most efficient and cost-effective way of fixing the issue.